After 5 years of research into accommodation solutions in Australia and around the World, One Voice is proud to announce the establishment of:

‘Elevate’ our ‘Life Restoration Housing Community’.

Our aim is to give people a chance to restore their lives and achieve their dreams in an environment that will feel like a home, community is the key to change!Josh Wilkins - Founder

Residents will participate in a program developed by One Voice called R.E.S.T

  • Restore

    Residents are given time to RESTORE their lives with in-house support.

  • Empower

    Residents are EMPOWERED with life skills to identify their dreams.

  • Strengthen

    Participation in accredited training to STRENGTHEN identified skills.

  • Transform

    Work placements are offered to TRANSFORM skills into employment.


Elevate is a therapeutic community committed to the restoration of life and dignity for people who may have lost their way or been forgotten by the wider community.


Located in the Macedon Ranges, one(1) hour from Melbourne, providing a serene environment for people to gain full control of their lives without surrounded peer pressures that can often influence people into making the wrong choices in life.

Working with People

Using the therapeutic value of peer-support and people sharing a journey of positive change we will be striving to create a community that has been constructed, cared for and moulded by its community residents.

Who is eligible to enter Elevate?

People from all walks of life, with an emphasis on young people aged 16 – 24 who feel like they are not reaching their full potential, are experiencing homelessness or exiting from the foster system with no support, can apply to enter the Elevate community.

Staff at Elevate will help people to help themselves. Through supported accommodation and long-term peer-support we have seen that anyone from any background can bring about change for the better. We want people to follow the stages of growth that we know they are capable of and we want to support people through this process from the beginning for the rest of their lives.

Our Community Partners