Werribee Vic

Restoring Dignity One Hot Shower at a Time...

One challenge faced by homeless Australians when living on the streets is maintaining personal hygiene. Some people shower at shelters or others in public toilet blocks, constantly thinking, ‘Who is around?’ or ‘Am I safe?’

Our mobile service offers people a safe place to shower, shave, brush their teeth and most importantly, helps restore some dignity in their lives!

In 2014 One Voice launched the first Mobile Shower Service in Australia; located at Rebecca Walk in Batman Park, Melbourne, our aim was to run a pilot in the city to verify a need before rolling out the service, during this time we found out that;

  • There is a  genuine need for access to showers
  • Current facilities  are dirty and overcrowded
  • Existing services are available at limited times
  • With NO access available on the weekends
  • An average of 18 people used the service daily

In 6 months we verified a serious need so, One Voice set out to build the Worlds First, fully self contained Mobile Shower Bus for people experiencing homeless.

The new improved design included:

  • Two private shower cubicles
  • On-board tanks for water supply and waste
  • On-board gas supply to heat the water
  • On-board generator for electricity supply

In December 2014, with help from corporate sponsors and the generosity of kind hearted Australians, One Voice raised the funds to build the ‘Worlds First Shower Bus’.

In June 2015, One Voice replicated the service in Sydney, with another Shower Bus.

We are always looking at ways to refine our services and cut costs, so in June 2016, One Voice decided to incorporate 2 mobile services in one vehicle by building another ‘WORLD FIRST’ | a Mobile Shower & Laundry Van.

Bus Build Video

See how the engineers at EMS built the bus & how MotoSign wrapped it

First Shower Testimony

Meet Nadi, the first person to use the Melbourne Mobile Shower Bus

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