Mobile Showers


Providing a clean and dignified experience our dedicated team works tirelessly to ensure that every individual receives the care and respect they deserve. We believe that access to basic hygiene is a fundamental right, and through our mobile showers, we are making a meaningful impact in the lives of the homeless community. With your support, we can continue to expand our reach and provide a refreshing and empowering experience for those who need it the most.

positive conversations make a huge difference

Its not just about the shower...

Our volunteers are the most important part of our services, seeing a friendly face who is willing to interact with you on a positive level is what most of our friends on the street look forward to each week. Its all about community and connections, having someone to talk to especially when you are feeling down. 

collaboration is key

Collaborating with homeless services is crucial for our mobile shower initiatives to maximize their impact and provide holistic support to individuals experiencing homelessness.


The evolution of our mobile shower innovations, from our first trailer to assess the need in Melbourne, to the worlds first shower buses with on-board water tanks 2015. Then we got creative and built another world first shower and laundry van. Today the trucks we build are the way to go, they provide more room for people to shower which is important when you are helping restore dignity and self worth. This demonstrates the adaptability and creativity in addressing the needs of individuals experiencing homelessness. We will continue to evolve and improve our services and welcome your support to help achieve this.

2014 shower trailer
2015 shower bus
2016 shower & laundry van
2017 shower truck

Our truck


 By building the showers in a square box we get to utilise the space giving our patrons more room to move, its just like a shower in a home.